We're excited by the qualities and potential of cryptocurrencies to change the world. We see this as just the beginning and want to see cryptocurrencies grow further and have countless more people benefit from it. Our way of helping cryptocurrencies accomplish this is by solving one of its key problems in this stage, which is merchant adoption. And although there are huge advantages and very little barriers to accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment, we think that widespread adoption is still far away. DashBargain solves this problem and enables you to buy anything online with Dash.


We act as a middleman between you and the merchant.

  1. You submit an order.
  2. We calculate the total price (incl. fees & shipping).
  3. We send you a CoinPayments payment link.
  4. You enter your shipping information & pay in Dash.
  5. We purchase the item(s) with your shipping information.
  6. We send you the receipt & tracking number.
  7. Done.


Bypassing exchanges has the following benefits:

  • No additional risk.
  • No waiting for transactions.
  • No banking fees.
  • No extra paper work.
  • No loss in purchasing power.


We charge a flat $3 and fixed 3.5% fee.

Exchange Rate

We use the default currency of the merchant and CoinPayments, the largest cryptocurrencies payment processor, to handle payments.

Click here for an example.

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